Big Pour


Big Pour

The holidays are finally here, so it’s time to relax, sit back and enjoy an overfilling glass of wine. Nothing should stop you, even if said glass sprouts wings, grows tiny sharp teeth and looks like a creature from the deep. Cheers!!

Forrest Russell –@illustratedconnection

Animal Doodles





Part One:

The Tiger, Anteater, and Hippopotamus.

Here are a few fun animal cartoons I did on Procreate during this past summer. I wanted to explore how quickly I could doodle various animals. These complex creatures simplified and easily read using limited digital brushes. Animals have always sparked my curiosity and I’m excited to draw more of them for this collection. Eventually I would love to use them all for a children’s book. My own ark, full of my favorite creatures.

Forrest Russell –@illustratedconnection

See Gulls

Version 1:

Version 2:

See Gulls was inspired by a photo that I took on the coast of Morocco of a huge flock of birds trying to catch their supper. There were so many in fact, that they practically covered up the ocean that flowed behind them. It’s a vivid memory that I will always love. I plan on printing this series on a long thin strip of paper and then block printing the original photo atop different segments of the pattern.


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