Mark (2020)


Painted onto 16mm film using two red and blue sharpies. A group of cells shuffle through a linear vein. As they converge, form together and separate they must at the same time navigate the obstacles of a personal terrain.

Shadow Puppet Theatre (work in progress)

A snippet of an animation I hope to continue. Drawn with ball point pen on 3×5 in. cue cards. Shadow Puppet Theatre is a nostalgic escape that brings the viewer back to my childhood home. Flashlight driven story telling on the walls of my youth. These poor images of adventure; encounters with various animals provide unobtainable views during the times of Covid-19 and isolation. The process of creating these images brought me back to a nearly forgotten place . Back when escape and exploration, like the current times, seem like distant far off futures. This is my personal theatre within Habitat 23.

Manual Selection/Automated Choreography (Collaboration with Madz Atkinson)

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